Readers ask: Sts Cadillac 2007?

Is a 2007 Cadillac STS a good car?

Thanks to its handsome styling, strong performance, well-balanced chassis and luxurious cabin, the 2007 Cadillac STS is a strong player in an arena filled with talent. The Caddy’s competitive pricing is another factor that makes it a must on any consumer’s short list.

What is a 2007 Cadillac STS worth?

The value of a used 2007 Cadillac STS ranges from $1,222 to $4,494, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Is a Cadillac STS a good car?

The average rating is a 4.2 out of 5 stars. The Cadillac STS Reliability Rating is 3.0 out of 5. It ranks 26th out of 32 for all car brands. Learn more about Cadillac STS Reliability Ratings.

What does STS mean on a Cadillac?

STS stands for Seville Touring Sedan. The STS was the high-performance version of the Seville from 1989 until 2004. In 2005 the Seville was renamed STS. Cadillac also sold a version called the SLS, for Seville Luxury Sedan.

How many miles can a Cadillac STS last?

If you properly maintain the cadillac cts it can last anywhere from 100,000 miles to 400,000 miles or more if you get lucky.

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What is the Blue Book value of a 2007 Cadillac CTS?

Used 2007 Cadillac CTS Exterior

The CTS 2.8 has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $30,190, while the 3.6 has an MSRP of $33,090.

How much is a 2008 Cadillac STS worth?

How much is a 2008 Cadillac STS worth? The value of a used 2008 Cadillac STS ranges from $1,440 to $5,566, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Is the Cadillac STS 4 all wheel drive?

The Cadillac STS (Seville Touring Sedan) is a mid-sized luxury 4-door sedan manufactured and sold by General Motors from 2004 to 2011 for the 2005 to 2011 model years.

Cadillac STS
Class Mid-size luxury car Executive car (E)
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Front-engine, Rear wheel drive / Front-engine, fourwheel drive

What year Northstar engines to avoid?

Cadillac DTS, Buic Lucerne and Cadillac STS were the last cars to use a Northstar engine, but generally it is felt that those models from 2002 onwards do not suffer as much with the head gasket issues that plague earlier models. If you have a model prior to this, however, the chances are your Cadillac could be at risk.

Are Cadillac expensive to repair?

On average, Americans spend 5% of their income on purchasing a car. Another 5% goes towards ongoing maintenance and insurance costs. But not every car costs the same to keep it running.


Which Car Brands Cost the Most to Maintain?
Rank Car Brand Cost
1 BMW $17,800
2 Mercedes-Benz $12,900
3 Cadillac $12,500

Are Cadillacs fast?

The fastest and most powerful Cadillac ever released, the CTS-V sedan was released in 2015. With a 640 hp supercharged V-8, the car is able to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds and can reach a top speed of 200 mph.

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Is Cadillac Northstar a good engine?

The original L37 features and performance produced 290 horsepower, with the engine topping out at around 300 horsepower. This shows that the Northstar engine produced some of the most powerful domestic front wheel cars on the market, and the Northstar engine and the performance are very good.

Are Cadillacs good used cars?

Hopping into a used Cadillac is the absolute best way to achieve the highest quality luxury at an unbeatable value. There is no argument to what proper luxury means. Purchasing a used Cadillac can bring you into the top-tier luxury experience while still saving you on the initial cost of a new car.

Do all Cadillacs have Northstar engine?

Northstar series. The engine was introduced in mid-1992 in the 1993 Cadillac Allanté; in 1996 the Northstar became the standard engine on all Cadillacs except the Fleetwood, but is now phased out of all Cadillac models.

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