Readers ask: Chrysler Loyalty Program?

Does Dodge have a loyalty program?

This program is an exclusive benefit offered to employees of our valued partner and supplier companies. Through it, eligible employees can buy or lease eligible new vehicles at the Affiliate Rewards Preferred Price: 1% below dealer invoice 1. You can also apply current incentives and rebates for additional savings.

Who qualifies for Chrysler family discount?

Basically, eligible employees include anyone who is a current regular employee, anyone who has been laid off, or those on-roll in any US-based FCA company. If someone worked for FCA and is now retired (including the former Chrysler Group), they may also qualify if they have sponsored pension benefits.

Is Chrysler employee pricing a good deal?

Employee pricing will definitely be a good deal. On some models you might even be able to get more than 5% under invoice using Truecar. I would look at cars you like, then print out the Truecar certificate for the car model. With every Chrysler EP deal, there are bonus monies allocated to the dealer.

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How does the Chrysler family discount work?

The program lets eligible employees, retirees and their immediate family members buy FCA vehicles at a discount of up to 5 percent off the factory invoice price, depending on the vehicle. Each employee or retiree can unlock the family discounts for as many as six vehicles each year.

What credit score do you need for Chrysler Capital?

They place you in tier by the overall structure of the deal plus DTI, PTI and Fico score. You must have a 620 plus to be in prime (S,A,B,C tiers). Below 620 gets you subprime approvals at a rating of S to E with stips for income usually and a fee to dealer.

Does Chrysler Capital Finance for 84 months?

Chrysler Capital offers several advantages to those in need of a new or used vehicle, including: Payment terms up to 84 months.

How do you qualify for Chrysler employee pricing?

If you’re an actual employee of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (or are an FCA retiree/family member), you’ll have to go through a special program called Employee Advantage. You’ll enter your identification number to register on the program website to create an offer number that can be redeemed at a dealership.

How much is the Chrysler affiliate discount?

Through it, eligible employees can buy or lease eligible new vehicles at the Affiliate Rewards Preferred Price: 1% below dealer invoice 6. You can also apply current incentives and rebates for additional savings. For more information, visit

What is Chrysler CDI discount?

The Employee Advantage – Certain Designated Individual Program (herein referred to as “CDI“) allows eligible Chrysler Directors and above to offer “select individuals” the ability to purchase or lease most new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT products at the Certain Designated Individual (CDI) Program price.

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Is employee pricing a gimmick?

You may have seen the commercials on television advertising employee pricing discounts on cars from automakers like General Motors, Ford, and Hyundai and wondered if the savings are real. That’s not to say that it’s a scam, in fact, it’s technically not because they are offering you a pretty good discount.

What is GM Friends and Family discount?

GM Supplier Discount for Friends is a program that allows eligible employees to extend the same discount that GM suppliers receive to cousins, friends or neighbors.

Is GM employee pricing the best deal?

Unless a model is selling like hotcakes, you can likely negotiate a better discount than the employee pricing discount. It’s up to you to do the negotiating though. Employee pricing merely nets you an OK/GOOD deal, not a leasehackr worthy deal though.

What is preferred pricing Chrysler?

This program allows qualifying customers to purchase a vehicle for as low as 1% below Factory Invoice Pricing on new Chrysler, Dodge or Ram vehicle. Providing significant savings to you, the Preferred Price is yours in addition to most consumer incentives available at the time of sale.

What is the factory invoice price?

The factory invoice is the total cost to the dealer for a vehicle. This price is the sum of the base invoice or cost for the base model of the car, plus the cost of options, destination fees and manufacturer fees.

How do I get a Chrysler employee discount?

The first step is to log in to the Employee Advantage website at This is the website where you will get your control number for your discount purchase. It also gives you the chance to register any eligible family members.

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