Question: Who Is The Woman In The Chrysler Pacifica Commercial?

Who is the actress in the new Chrysler Pacifica commercial?

The Chrysler brand has teamed up once again with actress Kathryn Hahn as the star of a new advertising campaign for the Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid where she reprises her role as mom to highlight the various styles of parenting.

Who is the Pacifica mom?

Pacifica Mom Kathryn Hahn is back, after filming ads on an iPhone.

Is Kathryn Hahn in a car commercial?

Actress Kathryn Hahn Reprises Her Mom Role in New Multimedia Marketing Campaign for the Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid.

Was Lily really pregnant on Crossing Jordan?

As season 2 was beginning, Lily finally appeared to be over Garret, but she had to deal with Bug. Soon after, Lily received the surprising news that she was pregnant with Jeffrey’s baby, a girl named Madeleine. By the end of season 6, she had moved in with Bug, after he wanted her and the baby to live with him.

Who does the Chrysler Pacifica commercials?

Kathryn Hahn (“Bad Moms,” “We’re The Millers”) used an iPhone to film her parts inside of the newest Chrysler Pacifica. Check out the commercial that has gone live on the Chrysler brand YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter channels.

Does Kathryn Hahn have Instagram?

Catherine Hahn (@cathyhahn) • Instagram photos and videos.

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