Question: 2001 Bmw 330ci Motor?

What engine is in a 330Ci?

The BMW M54 3.0 Liter engine is the powerhouse behind the 330ci.

The BMW M54 Engine.

Type DOHC, 24-Valve Inline Six
Compression 10.2
Horsepower 225 hp @ 5900 Rpm
Torque 214 ft-lbs @ 3500 Rpm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual

What does CI mean in BMW 330Ci?

ci=coupe, fuel injected.

How much HP does a 330Ci have?

The BMW 330Ci offered a standard powertrain of a six-cylinder inline 3.0-liter engine with 225 horsepower, with an option for an engine with 235 horsepower. Compression of the standard engine was 10.2:1, with a bore of 3.31 inches and a stroke of 3.53 inches.

Which BMW has the M54 engine?

The BMW M54 is an inline straight-6 petrol engine produced from 2000 to 2006. It was released in the BMW E53 X5 as a replacement for the BMW M52 engine. The BMW M54 is a high-performance engine, used in the BMW Z4 2.5L, 2000 – 2006 E46 320i, and the 2003 – 2005 E60/E61 520i.

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How many miles can a BMW 330i last?

Usually 200,000-250,000 miles with good maintenance.

Is the BMW 330Ci reliable?

it is a very reliable car and worth every penny. if you have never driven a bmw before i strongly suggest you should at least go out and test drive one. you will want one. This car looks great, and handles great.

What is high mileage for a BMW?

High miles is no real problem especially for a BMW but saying that the car has to have been looked after well and regularly serviced with some if not full service history but most components do need replacement after 100000 miles on BMW cars so make sure to do thorough checks on one around that mileage.

How fast is a BMW 330Ci?


0 – 100 kph 6.4 s
0 – 100 mph 16.6 s
Est. 1/8 mile 10.1 s @ 82.0 mph
Est. 1/4 mile 15.3 s @ 96.9 mph
Top speed 250 kph (155 mph)

What does CI stand for on a BMW?

Ci” indicates It’s a Coupe/Convertible with a petrol injected engine. 8. “Cd” indicates that It’s a coupe with a diesel powered engine.

What’s the difference between 330i and 330Ci?

Coupe Designation

The “C” in 330Ci refers to the fact that this is the two-door version of the 330i sedan. The biggest differentiating factor between the 330i and the 330Ci is the difference in the number of doors.

How much horsepower does a E46 have?


Model Years Power
320i 2000–2006 125 kW (168 hp)
323i 1998–2000 126 kW (169 hp)
325i (EU) 2001–2006 141 kW (189 hp)
325i (US) 137 kW (184 hp)
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What is a 330i ZHP?

The 330i Performance Package, known as ZHP to BMW geeks, was an optional performance package introduced back in 2002 on the E46 generation 3 Series.

How reliable is the BMW M54 engine?

The M54 is the most reliable BMW engine ever built. Here’s why: The camshaft chain drive and the V-belt drive are maintenance-free and designed for the life of the engine. Valve clearances are kept consistent throughout the entire running life of the engine by a self-adjusting hydraulic valve clearance mechanism.

How do I know if my BMW is M54 or M56?

Go to and enter the last 7 characters of the car’s vehicle identification number. Hit enter and bookmark the page. It should tell you right away whether the engine is an M54 or an M56.

How good is the BMW M54 engine?

The M54 engine is a naturally aspirated inline-6 that was primarily featured in the 2000-2006 E46 3-series, in addition to the Z3/Z4 and X3/X5 models of the time. They are known to be overall great performers, reliable, and tons of fun.

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