Often asked: Audi Clutch Kit?

How long does an Audi clutch last?

Clutches CAN last for 200k and beyond, or they can last 60k miles or less. It all very much depends on how the car is driven, I’m afraid.

What does a complete clutch kit include?

Summary. A clutch kit is a selection of parts that are used to replace a broken clutch or upgrade an existing assembly. Each kit comes with a clutch disc and a clutch pressure plate. A flywheel, alignment tool, and release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, and spline lubricant may also be included.

What is a Stage 3 clutch kit?

Stage 3, with the same applications as the Stage 2, features a carbon semi-metallic six-puck sprung hub disc that is the leading puck clutch in drivability, life, and torque capacity. It’s designed for street and race cars with aggressive but street-able engagement and high torque capacity.

What comes in a 3 piece clutch kit?

The clutch comes in three parts that its best to replace all the components IE; clutch plate, thruster bearing and the slave cylinder. Your clutch is working correctly in that the clutch engages at the bottom of the peddle.

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How many years does a clutch last?

Most clutches are designed to last approximately 60,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Some may need replacing at 30,000 and some others can keep going well over 100,000 miles, but this is fairly uncommon.

How do I know when my clutch needs replacing?

Common Clutch Issues

  1. A Slipping Clutch. Most clutches can last well over 100,000km depending on use, but like many parts of a car are a wear item.
  2. DIfficulty Shifting Gears. Shifting gears can become difficult if your clutch is sticking.
  3. Spongy, Sticking, Or Loose Clutch Pedal.
  4. A Rattling Sound When You Press The Clutch.

How much does it cost to fix a clutch?

As mentioned, the average clutch replacement cost will be $1,200 to $1,400. Of this figure, the parts usually cost $700 to $750, with labor accounting for $500 to $650. Depending on where you live, however, the average clutch replacement cost may drop to closer to $800.

Can I just replace the clutch disc?

The clutch kit consists of three components: the clutch disc, the pressure plate and the throw out bearing. You can buy this parts together as a kit or you can buy them separately. You can replace all of them once or only one part at a time as needed. The pressure plate is a friction disc, just like a brake rotor.

Can you daily drive a Stage 3 Clutch?

There’s a reason why you should not daily drive with a race clutch and that’s because the heavy-duty materials in the clutch can fuse and leave you stranded on the road with no way to control the gears if they overheat. In a normal car, the heat of the engine can lead a stage 3 clutch to misbehave and cause problems.

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Is it hard to drive a Stage 3 Clutch?

It will be harder to control the slip of the clutch on engagement, making driving on hills and in poor weather much more difficult. You will transmit more shock to the drivetrain, wearing out engine mounts and CVs faster. You will *NOT* go any faster than with the stock clutch.

What stage clutch is better?

What this means is that the stage 1 clutch will improve torque and power, but it will improve them within the manufacturer’s safety margins. A stage 1 clutch also does not wear your engine out as fast as a stage 2 clutch might, and it does not affect your car’s street legality.

What brand clutch is best?

Best Clutch Brands

  1. Luk. When you’re looking for a replacement clutch, one of the most comforting things to know about the product you’re buying is that the manufacturer knows what they’re doing.
  2. ACT.
  3. Sachs.
  4. Exedy.
  5. Valeo.

Can you replace a clutch yourself?

If you are sure that your clutch has worn out beyond repair then you can potentially replace the clutch yourself at home. It is possible, but it is a relatively lengthy and complicated procedure. There are several fiddly steps where there is a wide scope for things to go wrong.

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