Often asked: Acura Rsx Type S Starter?

What year RSX Type-S is best?

The 2006 Acura RSX Type-S Was One Of The Finest Cars From Honda’s Golden Era.

Is the Acura RSX Type-S reliable?

As far as the RSX goes, mechanically, they’re very reliable. Agree on mechanical reliability (engine, etc.). However, I’ve only had mine for 3.5 years and have only ~16k miles on it.

Is an Acura RSX a good first car?

An RSX is an “OK” choice for a first car. As a personal note, Acura RSX is a good car.

Is RSX Type-S fast?

And I did beat some poser in a base RSX over the weekend. With a cai, race header, exhaust and hondata, the types can be pretty quick/fast. With a cai, race header, exhaust and hondata, the types can be pretty quick/fast.

How long do Acura RSX Type-S last?

An acura rsx can last over 200,000 miles with proper care.

What’s the difference between RSX and RSX Type-S?

The six speed is a better and stronger transmission than the five speed, the TypeS has the K20A2 which has a better top end (cams & valves) than the K20A3 in the base model, the suspension is stiffer and offers better handling, better/larger brakes and of course VTEC.

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Why was the Acura RSX discontinued?

The Integra’s direct descendant, the RSX, was equally popular. However, these two models were eventually discontinued. The reason was simple. Acura wasn’t interested in keeping a performance coupe as part of the model lineup.

Are Acura RSX expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Acura RSX ranges from $80 to $2814, with an average of $263.

Is the Acura RSX a sports car?

Vehicle overview

Though the Acura car lineup has grown since then — there are now six different models — the sport hatchback lineage continues on with the RSX. True to form, this is one of the best sport hatchbacks currently available. The base RSX serves quite adequately as a daily driver.

What motor comes in RSX Type-S?

TypeS. The TypeS includes sportier accessories and performance including: 201 hp K20Z1 motor. 6-speed manual transmission.

Does Acura RSX Type-S come automatic?

The RSX TypeS raises the bar to 210 horsepower and 143 pound-feet of torque from its version of the same 2.0-liter engine. TypeS comes with leather, a six-speed manual with no automatic option, and 17-inch wheels and tires. The Acura RSX is a carryover from 2005 and will be discontinued for 2007.

What does Type S stand for?

TypeS stands for Speed, Type-R stands for Racing.

What is the Acura RSX called in Japan?

Honda Integra (fourth generation)
Also called Acura RSX (North America)
Production 2001–2006
Model years 2002–2006
Assembly Japan: Suzuka, Mie

Do base model RSX have VTEC?

Just incase you are dead serious about your question, yes it does have VTEC.

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