Often asked: Acura Integra Gsr Turbo?

What does Integra GSR stand for?

The GSR (GS-R), which means ‘Grand Sport Racing, is very different from all of the ones mentioned above. This type has all the features and more. Most significantly, it has a B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine, which generates 170 hp at 8000 rpm.

How much horsepower does a GSR have?

The Integra GSR was rather appealing. The GSR’s 170- horsepower came in the form of a B18C1, DOHC VTEC power-plant. The sedan was equipped with four- wheel disc brakes and a close ratio 5-speed transmission, giving it a sports-car feel.

What is the difference between Integra GSR and Type R?

GSR has a dual stage intake manifold that helps it get a lil more midrange. GSR has a black valve cover, R has a red one. Type Rs come with a shorter geared tranny with LSD, whereas the GSR come with an open diff.

Is a B18B1 good for Turbo?

A stock healthy B18B1 can do around 250-280whp safely. The turbo you are going with is a good choice my turbo build is using the same spec turbo. A larger from mount intercooler would be more efficient and drop charge temps better. Get some 750cc injectors and a 255lph fuel pump and have the setup tuned.

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Why was the Integra discontinued?

In March 2006, Honda announced that the Integra would be discontinued in June after its final 300 cars were sold, due to the shrinkage of the coupe market. The reaction of the consumers towards the discontinuation, however, forced Honda to extend production until July 2006 and produce 150 more Integras.

Is a GSR a DC2?

DC2 is a 3rd generation GSR. DC4 is a 3rd generation LS, SE, etc. DC2 is the 3rd generation Integra coupe with a B18C.

How do you tell if an Integra is a GSR?

check your vin number. if it starts with something like JHDB8, it’s a GSR. If it says JHDB7, then it’s RS/LS/GS. Or if you know the previous owner did not do any engine swaps, just pop the hood.

How much power can a stock GSR handle?

A stock b18c1 can handle around 450hp daily driven, the only thing you gotta worry about over time are your valves since stock valves aren’t heat treated to handle the extra heat the turbo produces inside your motor.

Is B18C a Type R?

The B18C Type R engine can be identified by the red valve cover, the 4-1 header, and an intake collector. The VTEC system was triggered @ 4,400 rpm, intake manifold was triggered @ 5,800 rpm. The power was 170 HP @ 7,600 rpm; torque was 174 Nm @ 6,200 rpm.

How much HP does a B18 VTEC have?

A B18 engine has between 130 to 170 horsepower depending on the model type and variation. The B18 engine is found in either VTEC or non-VTEC variations. Multiple variations of the engine are identified by the letter proceeding the engine number.

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What does R stand for in Type R?

A Type R is a specific performance specification Honda utilizes for a select few enthusiast cars, such as the Civic Type R. Type Rs are the top-spec performance machines in the Honda/Acura universe, followed by the Si spec. “R,” for those wondering, stands for Racing. Sugoi!

Which Acura Integra is best?

  • 1996 Honda Integra Type R – Living the Dream.
  • 1992 Acura Integra GS-R – Strategic Migration.
  • 2000 Acura Integra Type R – Brand Loyalty.
  • 1995 Acura Integra GS-R – Natural Progression.
  • 1998 Honda Integra Sedan – The Atypical Mentality.
  • 2001 Acura Integra LS – Racing to Win.
  • 1998 Honda Integra.

How much HP can a stock B18B1 handle?

Yes the b18b can handle 1 bar, assuming good tuning.

How much HP does B18B1 have?

how many HP does the B18B1 have? The official number is 142hp, but like all cars there will be bad ones and good ones.

Can you put a VTEC head on a B18B1?

its called LS VTEC..and yes it can be done. I would recommend going with a B16 head, you will also have to get a VTEC conversion kit, and I recommend ARP studs, rod bolts, etc. As long as it is done right, it will be a very nice setup.

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