Often asked: 2003 Chevrolet S10 Crew Cab 4×4?

How much is a 2003 Chevy S10 worth?

2003 Chevrolet S-10 Value – $694-$5,044 | Edmunds.

Is Chevy S10 4 wheel drive?

The S10 Baja was a rugged 4 wheel drive version of the truck with two engine choices, a 2.8 or 4.3L V6 and a roll bar.

How long can a Chevy S10 last?

MOST vechile that have COMMON parts usually last long usually between 200k to 250k before it needs to be refreshed some cars will last up to 150k some will up to 300k just depending on the parts u have inside the motor such as BMW have a better bearing better rod better piston better valve train than ford chevy dodge

Is the Chevy S10 Reliable?

It has been the most reliable truck I’ve ever owned. I purchased this truck as a commuter vehicle to keep the miles off of my Chevy Diesel. So far my Chevy S10 has over 250,000 miles on it, and it’s still going strong.

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How much is a 2002 Chevy s10 worth?

2002 Chevrolet S-10 Value – $574-$4,770 | Edmunds.

What does the S in Chevy S10 stand for?

S=2wd compact GM. T=4wd compact GM. 10=1/2 ton (like c10, c20, c30 fullsize counterparts)* *s15 gmc is the same as s10 chevy.

What year did they stop making Chevy S10?

The fun ended in 2004 when Chevy officially discontinued the S-10. It was replaced with the Chevy Colorado.

Why did Chevy stop making the S10?

Chevrolet stopped building the S10 pickup truck in North America in 2004 because it had decided to replace it with a new model called the Chevy Colorado that was a direct replacement.

How many miles can a 2000 Chevy s10 last?

So this truck has been great overall, and still runs strong. I would not be surprised to see it go past 200,000 miles.

How many miles will a Chevy 4.3 last?

Conveniently, the 4.3L V6 with the lowest fuel economy has the larger 28.3-gallon tank, so you’ll still get a decent 425 to 566 miles. All evidence points to the fact that you can‘t do much better than a Silverado if you want something that’s reliable and long-lived.

How much does a Chevy s10 extended cab weight?

Used 1995 Chevrolet S-10 Extended Cab Specs & Features

Wheel base 122.9 in.
Length 203.3 in.
Width 67.9 in.
Curb weight 3081 lbs.

What’s better Ford Ranger or Chevy S10?

The Ranger is a good truck, and the s10 is as well. The Ranger is a little better built, but not by enough to make the s10 a bad choice. Maintenance is a bigger factor than innate build quality. The 4.3 is great and the trucks are stupid easy to work on.

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What transmission is in a Chevy S10?

Chevrolet S10 used four variations of the well-known Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission developed by General Motors. The production of the Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission started in 1964 and continued until 2012.

Did the Chevy S10 come with a v8?

They did not. nope only came with the 4.3l. you can get stickers and badges that say ss 350. The only S10 that had a 350 in it from the factory was a one off they built with a vette motor and all wheel drive.

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