FAQ: Bmw Oem 20 Inch Rims?

How do I know if my BMW rims are OEM?

Registered. OEM Wheels have numbers cast/stamped into the inside of the center section. These may be the same as the BMW part numbers, which you can get from the dealer or possibly online (you may want the German part numbers, usually different from the U.S. part numbers).

Are BMW OEM wheels forged?

Various technologies are used to manufacture Original BMW Light Alloy Wheels. Light alloy wheels can be manufactured from either cast or forged aluminum. A forged aluminum wheel is much lighter than its cast counterpart due to greater rigidity.

Who makes wheels for BMW?

The primary manufacturer for BMW’s alloy wheels is Beyern Wheels. They have a line of custom wheels exclusively for BMW.

Are OEM wheels better than aftermarket?

OEM replica wheels will fit your tires and vehicle’s hub bearings perfectly. The fitment and compatibility of OEM replica wheels provide a better ride for your vehicle than Aftermarket wheels. These will thin your tires, make you susceptible to a bumpier ride, and can more easily crack your wheel.

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How do you know if your rim is OEM?

Look on the inside of the wheel and search for the serial numbers and other identifying marks. Compare these serial numbers with auto parts stores’ databases. If they don’t match, they may not be OEM; however, some are specialty wheels so be sure to ask around on online car parts forums or OEM wheel shops.

Are all BMW rims interchangeable?

As a general rule, 4×100 wheels will all interchange. Your only concern will be the offset. E39 wheels will fit all other 5×120 cars with hubcentric rings (74.1–>72.56). No other 5×120 wheels will fit an E39 without boring out the centers to 74.1mm.

Are replica rims safe?

Replica Wheels Are Safe But Do Your Research

Factory and replica wheels must meet stringent standards and carry a stamp on the back that details the load rating in kilograms. Since replica wheels are designed to replace factory ones, they usually meet the same load rating as a factory wheel for the designated vehicle.

Are beyern wheels any good?

Beyern rims are high quality but they are a little heavier than what you’d buy from BBS or similar. However, they are 1/4 the price. Their technology is actually licensed from BBS.

How much do BMW rims weigh?

Plus Size Wheels and Tires Using Heavyweight Wheels

The heavyweight aluminum alloy wheels on our BMW test car weigh 27 pounds each (ten more pounds per wheel than the lightweight wheels).

What is the best brand of rims for a car?

The 7 Best Car Wheels and Rims Brands

  1. Vossen. Vossen wheels work to cut down on weight and increase the strength of their wheels, using an advanced casting process to create a flow forming wheel.
  2. BBS.
  3. Enkei.
  4. Konig.
  5. OZ Racing.
  6. SSR.
  7. Forgiato.
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Why are OEM tires so bad?

There are multiple reasons that OEM tires wear quickly. One reason is that the auto manufacturer’s recommended tire inflation pressures are not designed for the best mileage, but for the best ride.

Will bigger rims mess up transmission?

The only time an increase in rim size will affect the transmission is if you increase the overall tire height.

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