Bmw Visor Clip?

What is the clip on my visor for?

Clip-On Tinted Car Sun Visor Extender, Car Visor Sunshade – by Home-X. REDUCES REFLECTION – A year round safety essential, this sun visor extender reduces reflections from snow and wet pavement. JUST CLIP ON – Easily clips to your visor and swings down when needed.

How do you fix a broken visor clip?

To repair a loose visor on a fixed mount, simply tighten all of the screws holding the bar to the roof of the car and double check the visor clips. If the clips have widened and aren’t holding the visor firmly in place, you can add rubber stripping or caps to the clip to tighten the grip on the visor.

Is driving without a sun visor illegal?

Pete Camm (Ret.), California Highway Patrol, Sacramento, CA: Other than construction requirements for sun visors contained in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 571.201 (Occupant Protection), a regulation stating sun visors must remain in any vehicle does not appear to exist in federal regulations.

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