Audi R8 V10 Plus Price In Usa?

Is the Audi R8 V10 a supercar?

First Drive: Audi’s 2020 R8 V10 Performance Is a Supercar That Doubles as a Daily Driver.

How much is Audi R8 V10 Spyder?

For 2021, Audi has made the entry-level R8 Spyder a rear-wheel-drive model. To get all four wheels spinning, you’ll have to opt for the more expensive but faster R8 Performance model that packs a 602-hp punch.

2021 Audi R8 Spyder Trims.

Trim 5.2 V10 RWD 5.2 V10 performance quattro
Price $154,900 $208,100

How much does a 2020 Audi R8 cost?

The standard 2020 R8 coupe costs $5000 more than the 2018 model, at $172,450 to start, including a $1300 gas-guzzler tax. The spyder and V10 Performance coupe are each $1500 more, at $184,650 and $198,450, respectively. The V10 Performance spyder is unchanged at $210,650.

What is faster Audi R8 or Lamborghini?

Manufacturer figures show the Audi as slightly faster flat out at 205mph compared to the Lamborghini’s 202mph. Both will scorch their way from rest to 62mph in an identical 3.2 seconds.

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Can you drive an Audi R8 everyday?

What makes the Audi R8 a good daily? The Audi R8 makes a surprisingly good option for a daily driver. The cabin isn’t very large and it isn’t a good option if you are looking to have more than one passenger, but the two seats are comfortable and roomy enough to make a short or even long commute tolerable.

What is the fastest Audi?

It is the most powerful, fastest and sharpest production Audi ever.” The new R8 launches on the market this fall in two engine versions – as the R8 V10 plus with 449 kW (610 hp) it is the most powerful and fastest production Audi ever built.

Are Audi R8 expensive to maintain?

The Bottom Line and How to Beat It

At the end of the day, you can expect to pay $2,400 to $3,000 per year in maintenance on a late-model Audi R8. Now, that’s obviously not cheap. The basic Camry is a bit over $600 per year. A popular three-row SUV like the Ford Explorer still has annual maintenance costs under $1,000.

Is Audi R8 worth buying?

In short, if you have a wallet full of money and the desire for a bit of whimsy on the road, then the Audi R8 is the high-quality sports car to buy. For the few features it lacks in safety and cargo space, it more than makes up for in style, power and speed.

Is the Audi R8 a good car?

Is the Audi R8 a Good Car? The 2021 Audi R8 is a great luxury sports car that offers the allure of an exotic two-seater and the everyday drivability and comfort of a typical Audi. The powerful V10 engine helps deliver breakneck acceleration, and the handling is razor sharp.

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Which is the most expensive Audi car?

Most Expensive Audi Cars in the World

  • #5 Audi S8 – $150.000. This luxurious sedan is a 4-door card manufactured by Audi.
  • #4 Audi RS3 Sportback Sportec RS 500 – $210.000.
  • #3 Audi RS5 Senner Tuning – $280.000.
  • #2 Audi R8 GT – $400.000.
  • #1 Audi R8 V10 MTM Biturbo – $890.000.

How much is an Audi R8 monthly payment?

If you are looking to put down up to %10 of MSRP as a down payment for a 2020 Audi R8, you can choose either the Lease payment of $2759/mo for 27 months or a finance payment of $2859/mo for 84 months.

Is the Audi R8 being discontinued?

The Audi R8 V10 Quattro has been one of the most revered supercars for the past decade and, unfortunately, it’s being discontinued in the brand’s U.S. lineup.

Does Audi R8 use Lamborghini engine?

V10 engines have only ever been used to fulfill a need for speed, to make cars more thrilling. It certainly does that for both the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracán. That’s right. They share the same engine.

Does Audi make Lamborghini?

The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with established marques, including Ferrari.


Years Owner
1995–1998 V’Power and Mycom Sedtco
1999–present Audi AG

Is an Audi R8 a Lamborghini?

Don’t sleep on the “bargain-basement” supercar. The 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus shares its bones with the spectacular Lamborghini Huracán. That makes it not only a bargain-basement Lambo, but also a bargain-basement supercar.

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