Audi Connect Prime Discount?

How much does Audi connect prime cost?

Connect Prime is priced at $199 for six months or $499 for 18 months. Connect Plus is a more reasonable $10 per month if using your smartphone’s data connection, or $25 a month for the car’s own unlimited data service.

Does Audi connect cost money?

If you need to make an SOS call or request roadside assistance, Audi connect® CARE can help. Similar services by other manufacturers often require a paid subscription, while the features and services in CARE are available from the day you purchase or lease your new Audi at no additional cost.

How do I get Audi connect for free?

It’s something like (or something like that). Also enable data roaming. Then it will work and you will have Audi Connect for FREE.

Is Audi connect care free?

The Audi connect CARE subscription is free.

What is included in Audi connect prime?

Audi connect PRIME

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“Enjoy a dazzling array of enhanced infotainment and navigation services, including Google Earth™ and Google Street View™. With Audi connect PRIME, you can find an alternate route through traffic, stream Internet radio, find a parking spot—even help keep an eye on your vehicle when you’re not in it.”

Can Audi connect start your car?

Audi has digitalized the conventional vehicle key and transferred it to the user’s smartphone in the form of the Audi connect key. It is used to unlock and lock the car, and authorizes engine start-up. To start the engine, the phone is placed in the Audi phone box, which is also equipped with an NFC antenna.

Does Audi navigation work without Audi connect?

You will not have any traffic information on the Audi maps if you don’t subscribe to Audi Connect. I found the traffic info on the Audi/Google earth map is way behind.

What models have Audi connect?

The latest model generations of the Audi A1, Audi A3, Audi Q3, Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8 and Audi e-tron are also not affected, because these models have been supplied exclusively with the Audi connect “Satellite Map” service since the start of production.

How do I activate Audi connect?

Start your vehicle • Press the Menu function button on the MMI® system and choose “Audi connect” in the MMI® display • Open the options menu • Select “Audi connect user management” • Select “Key user” • Select “Set key user” • Enter your myAudi account User name exactly as is reflected in the registration email • NOTE:

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How much is Audi connect per month?

Audi connect with In-Car Wi-Fi from AT&T. Get unlimited data in your Audi starting at $20 per month.

Is the Audi Care package worth it?

The Verdict: Not Worth It

If you’re going to get one of the Audi Care plans, the only plan that will remotely come close to being a fair value is the 20/30/40/50k plan.

Can I use my own SIM for Audi connect?

Customers can also purchase additional data packages for the Wi-Fi hotspot, independent of the integrated Audi connect services. Customers may also continue to use their own SIM card in the car and establish Wi-Fi internet access through their own cellular provider.

What do you get with Audi connect?

New vehicles equipped with Audi connect® come with a complimentary six-month trial period.

Assistance and security services included with Connect CARE:

  • SOS call.
  • Online Roadside Assistance.
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator.
  • Audi Service Request.

How long does Audi Connect last?

Re: Audi Connect licence renewal

This will give you the licence expiry (there are quite a few in there). There’s an option to get it to remind you of the licences expiring but it only gives you about a week’s notice. As far as I know, you only get 3-4 months as standard. You get 3 years with the Tech Pack.

Can Audi unlock my car remotely?

Whether you want to let someone in or keep someone out, the myAudi app can lock and unlock your vehicle. Near or far, you have control of your Audi from your smartphone. Use the myAudi app to monitor your vehicle status from the palm of your hand.

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