Acura 2017 Zdx?

Why was Acura ZDX discontinued?

The ZDX was discontinued after the 2013 model year due to poor sales, and in a statement from Honda, “as the Acura brand sharpens its focus on new models and core products.” The ZDX was the rarest of U.S. manufactured Acura offerings, with a total of 7,191 vehicles produced and sold in North America.

Is Acura ZDX a good car?

The 2013 ZDX has above-average reliability, earning a score of 3.5 out of five in JD Power’s reliability ratings.

How much is Acura ZDX in Nigeria?

Acura ZDX Price in Nigeria

How much is Acura ZDX in Nigeria? The price of Acura ZDX in Nigeria ranges from ₦3,400,000 to ₦13,500,000.

How much does an Acura ZDX cost?

The Acura ZDX is an SUV. Inventory prices for the 2013 ZDX range from $17,344 to $34,800.

Is Acura better than Lexus?

With more wins in head-to-head comparisons between individual categories and vehicle classes, Lexus comes out as the better brand for the majority of consumers. Lexus comes out on top when it comes to predicted reliability ratings and fuel economy, while Acura leads with its performance and spacious interiors.

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Are Acura expensive to fix?

Cost of Acura Maintenance

Acura is a luxury brand, but the cost of the vehicles don’t carry the higher luxury price tag. They are also not expensive to maintain. According to, Acura ranks 11th out of 30 on a list of the most and least expensive cars to maintain.

Is an Acura better than a Honda?

Although Acura makes some highly rated SUVs and some of the lowest-priced luxury vehicles on the market, the Honda lineup is better overall. Acura’s roster is less diverse and fares poorly against its luxury competition. Meanwhile, no small number of Honda vehicles are class leaders.

Which country owns Acura?

Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in the United States and Canada on 27 March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles.

What does RDX stand for on Acura?

April 9, 2020. The rdx term for the acura manufacturer has no meaning and is just an internal serial code for the vehicle.

How much is Venza in Nigeria?

Toyota Venza for sale: Versions & Fuel Economy

S/N Version Name Brand New Price
1. Toyota Venza LE ₦9,00,000-₦11,000,000
2. Toyota Venza XLE ₦9,00,000-₦12,000,000
3. Toyota Venza Limited ₦10,00,000-₦13,000,000

How much is Honda Crosstour in Nigeria?

The models available in Nigeria range from the 2010 model to 2015 model.

Nigerian Used Honda Crosstour price in Nigeria.

Production year Price
Nigerian used Honda Accord Crosstour 2012 price N4,000,000 – N5,000,000

How much is ACDX 2018?

How Much Is the 2018 Acura MDX? There are over 270 listings for the 2018 Acura MDX on our site, with an average list price of $42,700. Prices range from $38,000 to $49,600 and vary depending on the vehicle’s condition, mileage, features, and location.

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How much is an Acura MDX 2017?

2017 Acura MDX Value – $18,611-$34,927 | Edmunds.

Is 2019 Acura RDX worth the money?

Yes, the 2019 RDX is a good used luxury compact SUV. It features premium cabin materials, a strong turbocharged engine, and lots of passenger and cargo space. When it was new, we named it our 2019 Best Luxury Compact SUV for the Money because of its outstanding combination of quality and value.

What is Acura’s flagship car?

The RLX is offered as two versions, a front-wheel drive base model equipped with All-Wheel Steer (P-AWS) four-wheel steering system, and a hybrid variant featuring SH-AWD as Acura’s flagship.

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