2016 Acura Nsx Review?

Is the Acura NSX reliable?

Is the Acura NSX Reliable? The 2021 NSX has a predicted reliability rating of three out of five, which is about average.

Is the Acura NSX expensive to maintain?

Maintenance is cheap, but repairs are expensive

Fortunately, according to Repair Pal, the typical routine maintenance for the NSX is usually $354, although that can vary depending on the age and condition of the car. And if that’s the case, then some parts can be very expensive to replace.

What is the best year of Acura NSX to buy?

Re: which year NSX is best, in your opinion? 1991 all the way. Lighter, more rigid, no passenger side air bag taking up all your glove box spacethen just find & drop a late model 3.2L w/ 6sp thranny in it, and you have the best of both worlds. I worked at Acura when they came out with the “face-lift” in 2002.

Is the new NSX a flop?

After roaring out of the gate in its first two years, the Acura NSX is starting to sputter down the road. The high-performance and high-priced supercar, made in Marysville, has seen sales plummet since it was relaunched in 2016. Acura sold 581 NSXs in 2017, the first full year the new vehicle was sold.

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Are Acura expensive to maintain?

Despite being a luxury vehicle, Acura maintenance costs are not as high as Audi maintenance costs, which average about $987 per year, according to RepairPal. Without proper maintenance, your car may develop bigger problems down the line, leading to even more expensive repairs.

Why is the Acura NSX so expensive?

Simple answer is technology. Take the nsx Senna it was developed in part by F1 racing legend Aryron Senna who arguably was the best driver to ever put his butt in a seat. The tech of these cars is not only computer driven, its the composite materials used to create the body/frame.

How much is a 1991 Acura NSX worth?

1991 Acura NSX Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
RWD $62,000 N/A

How much does a 1992 Honda NSX cost?

Review Score

Trim MPG Starting Price
NSX Base 2dr Coupe 19.0 – 24.0 From $65,000

How much was the original NSX?

1997 Honda NSX Price (from February 1997)

Model Chassis Price in USD ($)
TYPE T E-NA1 81,151

Is there a Honda NSX?

The Honda NSX, marketed in North America as the Acura NSX, is a two-seat, mid-engine coupe sports car manufactured by Honda. The origins of the NSX trace back to 1984, with the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental) concept, which was a mid-engine 3.0 L V6 engine rear wheel drive sports car.

Is Acura NSX a supercar?

The NSX is not a car that will appeal to everyone. Yes, it’s a supercar that you could (but probably wouldn’t) drive every day, but it’s not the only one of those on the market in this price range. But none of the other ones looks quite like the NSX, and it’s certainly the only one with a three-motor hybrid system.

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Why did the NSX fail?

Short answer is that it’s severely overpriced. It’s in price range of many exotics which are much better cars in many respects. You can argue that NSX is more reliable than exotics but unfortunately for Acura, nobody buying an exotic is looking for practicality or reliability as they usually own 1–10 other cars anyway.

How many Acura NSX have been sold?

Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Acura NSX
2019 238
2018 170
2017 581
2016 269

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