2003 Acura Rsx Value?

How much is a 2004 Acura RSX worth?

How much is a 2004 Acura RSX worth? The value of a used 2004 Acura RSX ranges from $443 to $5,670, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

How many miles does an Acura RSX last?

An acura rsx can last over 200,000 miles with proper care.

What year is the best RSX?

The 2006 Acura RSX Type-S Was One Of The Finest Cars From Honda’s Golden Era.

How much does an Acura RSX cost?

The Acura RSX is a coupe. Inventory prices for the 2006 RSX range from $2,706 to $11,554. It gets EPA-estimated 27-30 MPG combined.

Is Acura RSX a reliable car?

Like most Acura vehicles, the RSX boasts a high level of refinement as well as a reputation for above-average reliability, competitive pricing and strong resale value. In road tests, our editors found the RSX’s main performance strengths to be nimble handling and responsive steering.

How long do acuras last?

The acura mdx should be able to last longer than 200,000 miles as long as you do the regular maintenance. the most important thing to get a car to last a long time is always doing all the servicing. changing the fluids regularly in your suv helps protect the engine and other components from damage.

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Is the Acura RSX a sports car?

Vehicle overview

Though the Acura car lineup has grown since then — there are now six different models — the sport hatchback lineage continues on with the RSX. True to form, this is one of the best sport hatchbacks currently available. The base RSX serves quite adequately as a daily driver.

Are Acura RSX expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Acura RSX ranges from $80 to $2814, with an average of $263.

Is RSX Type-S fast?

And I did beat some poser in a base RSX over the weekend. With a cai, race header, exhaust and hondata, the types can be pretty quick/fast. With a cai, race header, exhaust and hondata, the types can be pretty quick/fast.

What does RSX stand for?


Acronym Definition
RSX Real-Time Resource Sharing Executive
RSX Rally Sport Experimental (Acura)
RSX Risk Information & Services Exchange
RSX Resource Sharing Extension

Why did they stop making Acura RSX?

The Integra’s direct descendant, the RSX, was equally popular. However, these two models were eventually discontinued. The reason was simple. Acura wasn’t interested in keeping a performance coupe as part of the model lineup.

Does Acura own Honda?

Yes; Acura is made by Honda, which is the parent company of the popular luxury car brand. The Acura brand was introduced to the world in 1986, but when Honda brought its luxury line to the U.S., it was originally called Channel II.

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