1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside?

What is a Chevy Apache?

The light duty trucks had a new name – Apache – medium duty trucks went by Vikings, and Spartan was the name for heavy-duty trucks. These trucks now had four headlights and a shorter, wider grille which covered the whole width of the front end.

What years did Chevy make the Apache pickup?

Chevrolet Task Force

Chevrolet Task Force Series
Manufacturer Chevrolet (General Motors)
Also called Apache Cameo Carrier Suburban Viking (medium-duty) Spartan (heavy-duty) GMC Blue Chip Series
Production 1955–1961

What is a 1958 Chevy Apache worth?

Data based on 119 auction sales. About the data. Examine the data. note: The images shown are representations of the 1958 Chevrolet Apache and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction.

Chevrolet Models.

Year Consignments Sales
2018 15 12
2019 7 5
2020 7 5

What is the rarest Chevy truck?

14 Chevrolet K10 Sno Chaser

The 1984 Chevrolet Sno Chaser is amongst the rarest of Chevrolet pickups, and only available in red with golden stripes. It was sold exclusively in northern states where the climate is colder and the roads could get icy. There’s a reason why snow tires and all-wheel drive were standard.

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How much does a 1959 Chevy Apache weight?

The 1959 Chevrolet Apache is 208.17 inches long and 76 inches wide. The wheelbase measures 123.25 inches. The front track measures 60.75 inches, while the rear track measures 61.02 inches. The shipping weight of the Apache is 3,385 pounds.

What year did Chevy go to 12 volt?

-generation 1955 Chevy trucks made the switch to 12 volts.

What years did Chevy make the 5 window pickup?

Marketed as the Advanced Design trucks, Chevy placed an emphasis on cab comfort and safety. For the 1947 to 1954 models, stylists conceived the five-window cab, formally known as the Deluxe Cab, to eliminate the blind spots in the rear quarter panels of the cab.

When was the first Chevy truck made?

The 1918 One-Ton has the distinction of being the first purpose-built Chevrolet truck.

What years did Chevy make the C10?

The number-one reason being 1973 to 1987 Chevy C10 trucks were produced for 15 years, the longest production run in comparison to the 1960 to 1966 C10 at 6 years of production and 5 years of production for the 1967 to 1972 Chevy C10 truck.

Should I buy a Ford or Chevy truck?

When it comes to pickups, Ford bests Chevrolet in almost every category. Ford trucks ranked higher for safety, performance, reliability, and interior quality. But while Ford took the lead in most categories, Chevrolet didn’t trail far behind in performance and fuel efficiency.

What is the rarest car in the world?

The rarest car in the world is Ferrari 250 Grand Turismo Omologato, a rare diamond designed and cared for by Enzo Ferrari in personam. In June 2018, the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car in history, setting an all-time record selling price of $70 million.

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How much is a 1972 Chevy pickup worth?

This 1972 Chevy C10 sold for $55,000 at auction in 2015. Although many deeply-entrenched classic truck aficionados recognized the trend years ago, it may not have truly caught the rest of the automotive community’s attention until pristine examples began selling at high-profile auctions for hefty prices.

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